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Kinless: Book One of Two
Stephen Godden

It's not how you fight, it's why you fight.

They broke his sword, they cast him out, and still he returns to fight for them.

Rejected by his people, stripped of his honour, betrayed by the woman he loves, Drustan desainCoid is naught but a sell-sword. But when an army of demon worshippers attacks his homeland he will risk all that he is, all that he holds dear, to deny them victory.

Let the fight dictate the moves. Do not plan: act. Do not think: be. Let the fight dictate the moves. Drustan opened his eyes and threw the spear with a surge of practised muscle. He lifted his swords and leapt into the clearing.

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Broken Worlds
Volume One

WHAT DO WE DO WHEN GOD becomes an unwanted houseguest, you’re in love with the wrong girl and aliens decide to eat California? Take a wild ride with 15 writers from around the globe to discover their version of a broken world… and the humour, compassion and love which saves us. From murder to manga, heartbreak to horror, Broken Worlds dances us through times, genres and worlds. Prepare to be thrilled, tickled, scared and enchanted… it’s one hell of a ride.

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In This Episode... — Boopadoo

I had another of my writing revelations a few mornings ago, like when I discovered research can be fun or that plotting might not be so bad. It went like this…

I’m driving to work on a Wednesday morning, and with every half-mile I travel the weather is deteriorating, from cold rain to wet snow to low-visibility squalls. On a major highway, nearing my place of employment, driving very slowly and conservatively due to the incoming blizzard, I started to move over in order to let another driver off of an entrance ramp and onto the road. I hit a layer of slush in just the precise manner to put me sideways, no avoiding it, no anticipating it might happen; the universe simply determined my courtesy should be repaid with a spin....

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Featured Novel

DARKNESS NEVER FALLS in the City of Lights. The last hope of a broken world, the remaining Shonri warriors brave the ever-vigilant city to fight their war against the vicious Magi – or meet their deaths. For the last witch Medina, powerful, seductive, and untrustworthy, has sold her art to their enemies.

Can the handful of Shonri end the battle before Medina’s magic reveals them? Can Medina survive her attempts to use the Magi for her own means? And can any of them live with the results of the battle they are about to face…

For while they scheme and fight, something stirs beneath the City of Lights… something more perilous than death itself…


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Featured Author

STEVE GODDEN writes speculative fiction. He reads pretty much anything. He uses the second to fuel the first. (And writes this stuff in the third, because somebody told him once that he should and he didn’t like to argue.) Other than that, Steve’s just a bloke of independent penury and incidental personality. He also writes under the name T F Grant. Well, gotta have some variety in your life.

His novella, Tales of the Shonri: City of Lights, is published by Firedance Books.