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Kinless: Book One of Two
Stephen Godden

It's not how you fight, it's why you fight.

They broke his sword, they cast him out, and still he returns to fight for them.

Rejected by his people, stripped of his honour, betrayed by the woman he loves, Drustan desainCoid is naught but a sell-sword. But when an army of demon worshippers attacks his homeland he will risk all that he is, all that he holds dear, to deny them victory.

Let the fight dictate the moves. Do not plan: act. Do not think: be. Let the fight dictate the moves. Drustan opened his eyes and threw the spear with a surge of practised muscle. He lifted his swords and leapt into the clearing.

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Broken Worlds
Volume One

WHAT DO WE DO WHEN GOD becomes an unwanted houseguest, you’re in love with the wrong girl and aliens decide to eat California? Take a wild ride with 15 writers from around the globe to discover their version of a broken world… and the humour, compassion and love which saves us. From murder to manga, heartbreak to horror, Broken Worlds dances us through times, genres and worlds. Prepare to be thrilled, tickled, scared and enchanted… it’s one hell of a ride.

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When the Drummers were Women — Jae Erwin

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts here, you’ll have no doubt guessed that for many years I’ve been a restless seeker. Trying to find answers to something I’m not very clear about. It’s an itch I can’t scratch.

I’ve done a lot of reading and debating, and for a good portion of time, my research and discussion had a distinctly masculine style to it. This is hardly surprising given that a) academia in this field is largely male led, and b) I am, female emancipation aside, a product of my upbringing and education. I am only recently seeing just how caught up in the patriarchy I am, how un-emancipated I am. It has come as a bit of a shock, given that I thought I was up there in the vanguard. So, recently I have shifted across to what is generally viewed as a more feminine approach in my research; more experiential, less ‘scientific’...

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Featured Novel

Lilliane has always been drawn by the desert — its emptiness, its eerie beauty and its people. When she takes the trip of a lifetime to a Bedu camp, she finds herself ensnared in a complex web of politics, blood feuds, terrorism and ancient spirits.

Karim is trying to find his path in the material world and to marry the girl of his dreams. But his soul cries out for the spiritual path of his fathers.

Lilliane’s and Karim’s stories collide in a forgotten, blood-soaked corner of Sinai. Brutalised, captive and bereft, they must find their own ways to survive.

A taut, unusual thriller set in the fascinating world of the modern Bedouin, Stillness Dancing shows us that the hardest paths can lead to the deepest wells.


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Featured Author

Stepping away from the world of occupational psychology and small business consultancy, Jae rackets around between writing, editing, and helping to run a small press publishing co-operative - Firedance Books. Jae also teaches yoga and explores anything weird and wonderful that takes her fancy. She live on the Pennines, has a husband, three sons, a dog, two cats, three chickens and four vegetable beds - don't ask her which one she loves the most. Jae has one novel published, two more in progress and has written many short stories, several of them published. A poem or six lurk in Jae's dim and distant past.

Her novel, Stillness Dancing, is published by Firedance Books.